Daniel O'Connor
Yellow Flyer

Yellow Flyer

Danny ODaniel "Danny O" O'Connor's vibrant art is built upon inventive imagination. An instinctive recycler, he creates collage art using a range of mediums, from colorful magazine paper to subtle and sophisticated Scotch Tape drawings. Vintage album covers serve as his modern canvas, adding further depth and meaning to each collage.

Danny's prolific creative output is as passionate as his love of life and family. His work reflects a sense of beauty in everyday life, both past and present, urban and pastoral. Danny captures the attention and hearts of many with his original and distinctive style. Originals, limited-edition lithographs and giclee prints are in private collections and institutions around the globe.

We invite you to read Danny's complete biography and browse the online gallery to see his collection, including "The Greatest Hits".

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Danny O photo courtesy of
Jennifer Mardus Fine Photography.

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